Scott Petty

[img src=]Sycamore
11x14 Oil on Panel (framed) $575
[img src=]Roses MO Botanical Gardens
11x14 Framed Oil on Panel (framed) $575
[img src=]Prairie Sage
11x14 Oil on Panel (framed) $575
[img src=]Giro Final Lap
18x18 Oil on Canvas Board (framed) $1800
[img src=]Madeline
24x18 Oil on Canvas Board (framed) $1200
[img src=]Priarie Pond
8x10 Oil on CanvPanel (framed) $525
[img src=]Forest Park Creek
24x18 Oil on Panel (framed) $575
[img src=]Reading
18x24 Oil on Canvas Board (framed) $1100
[img src=]River Des Pres Waston Bridage
11x14 Oil on Panel (framed) $575
[img src=]Fast Pace
15x11 Print $70
[img src=]Gateway Giro Three Riders
10x14 Water Color (framed) $350
[img src=]Forest Park Bandstand
11x14 Oil on Panel (framed) $575
[img src=]Washday
20x24 Print made to order (framed) $450
[img src=]Swiis Cow
8x10 Oil on Panel (framed) $525
[img src=]Spring Light
14x11 Oil on Panel (framed) $575
[img src=]Rolling Ridge Nursery
11x14 Oil on panel $575
[img src=]Laundry
20x24 Print (framed) $450
[img src=]Winter Bush
11x14 Oil on Panel (framed) $575
[img src=]River De Pres Under The Metro
11x14 Oil on panel